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In the above, I have made statements of what happens to the Church in the last days. Within the cryptic prophecies of Scriptures lies a message that foretells what precisely takes place in the last days. The relevant texts are Matthew 24:15; 2 Thess 2: 2-12; and Apocalypse 13: 11-18. What these foretell is the means by which Antichrist attacks the Church. But as these texts are cryptic we need to grasp their meaning. In fact Matt 24:15 explicitly requires us to ‘understand’ it. What they reveal is that what enables the Antichrist to provoke a great attack on the Church is that he effectively abolishes the Mass. It is this, the focal point of worship, which he manages to abolish and so set himself up in place of Christ at the focus of worship. His intervention at the altar, effectively displaces Christ, and thus enables Satan to emerge in power by displaying ‘signs and wonders’ – visual prodigies, in an attempt to win all men into accepting Antichrist as god and worshipping the idol he sets up on the altar. Then Satan inspires a single nation, namely Russia, to invade all nations, forcing them to worship the idol on pain of death, so provoking an apostasy.

So already we have the elements of a theological discovery: namely the novel situation in which Christ is removed, and Satan is set free. It poses the question, given the consequent persecution of the Church, how is Satan to be conquered - and peace restored to the Church? For what this implies, is Satan’s last attempt to set himself up as lord. That is what the ‘end-time scenario’ revealed by Scripture, reveals, where Satan inspires miracles intended to mislead us into apostasy, and a whole nation progressively forcing all people to adore Antichrist’s idol. Clearly this is Satan’s attempt to set up his own kingdom. Has God left with us a means of rebuffing that attack, and of finally defeating Satan?

I would say that the consecration provided at Fatima, fulfils that criterion. You see, at Fatima, Our Lady revealed that ‘God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart’, and that she would return to request the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart. She then stated that if what she wanted was done, there would be peace in the world, if not, Russia would spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and persecutions of the Church’ – leading to the ‘Third Secret’, after which she promised ‘in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. the Pope will consecrate Russia and it will be converted’.

The correlation here with what was foretold in Genesis 3:15, is obvious. Mary is in effect, re-iterating what was disclosed by God, to ‘the serpent’. And the key here, lies in the consecration to the Immaculate Heart. A symbol ‘stands for’ something. So why would God give us the symbol of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as the means for crushing Satan? The ‘heart’ naturally indicates ‘love’, but relating to Our Lady, a maternal love for Christians, a love directed primarily at saving their souls from hell-fire. ‘Immaculate’ clearly refers to that signal privilege given to Our Lady from her very conception, namely freedom from original sin and its effects. But how was that privilege granted? Clearly not through her merits, but through God’s foreknowledge of Christ’s meritorious death on the Cross. Because of this it is a symbol… of the power of God revealed at Calvary.

In Eden, God stated that He would put enmities between the ‘seed of the serpent’ and of ‘the woman’, and promised that when the serpent struck at her heel, its head would be crushed: thus prophesying the final defeat of Satan, through the instrumentality of a new Eve bearing a new Adam.

If what I postulate is correct, the defeat of Satan by means of the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart, is not ‘plan B’ for our salvation in the last days, not a mere ‘contingency plan’, but the precise way whereby God wishes to save us from our enemies in this crisis. We may ask why? One possible answer is provided by what was revealed at Fatima, at the end of the message, in which Our Lady stated ‘in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph’, the Pope will consecrate Russia and it will be converted, and a period of peace will be given to the world’. What her words convey, therefore, is Russia being converted through the intervention of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, thus ending the era of persecution, and effectively ending Satan’s domination of the world. In fact when the Pope and his Bishops consecrate Russia as requested, what they are doing is expelling Satan from Russia, and claiming it for Christ.

As stated in Chapter 4, in His end-time discourse Christ foretells the coming of ‘a sign of the son of man in the heavens’ (Matt 24:30). This links with Genesis 3:15, and clearly that prophecy will be fulfilled when Russia is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart - and is converted in a miracle, a ‘sign’ of Christ’s triumph.

To go back to our original question, the only reason why God appoints an act of consecration to defeat Satan, is because Satan is attacking the Church - and that act requires an act of faith – faith ultimately in God’s purposes set forth in the dawn of history. The resultant miracle will reveal to all – not only that God triumphs over evil, but that He triumphs through the means provided at the beginning: the Incarnation.

One is reminded of the means by which Constantine won the battle of Milvian Bridge. In a dream he saw the cross imprinted on his banners, and heard a voice saying ‘in this sign, you will conquer’. The cross had symbolic power, but in the era of persecution, when the Mass no longer avails, the Church has been provided with an ancillary means of overcoming her enemy. It was Mary who accomplished the prophecy of Genesis, it was through her heart that Christ was born, and so in the end-times, through that heart, He will again triumph.

What can one say about the apparition of ‘the woman clothed with the sun, giving birth to a male child’ - in Apocalypse 12? Many have conjectured that this was fulfilled in the appearance of Mary at Fatima. Indeed Pope John Paul II made that link explicitly in a sermon at Fatima in 2000. So what evidence is there to establish that, and how, theologically, does it fit in with our discoveries so far? If you read the whole text in Apocalypse 12, it is clear there is a correlation with what was foretold in Genesis 3:15. There again, is a ‘woman and her seed’ in contention with ‘the serpent’, leading to its defeat. According to the  Apocalypse, this is the pivotal event in the last days. Since the context is ‘the last days’, the image cannot signify the nativity of Christ. Note also the reference to ‘the child’ coming ‘to rule all nations with a rod of iron’. This clearly signifies Christ’s coming as judge. So what the whole symbolism reveals, is Mary ‘giving birth to’ Christ as Judge, and it is this which provokes Satan to attack. How can we interpret this image? How does she ‘give birth’ to the coming Judge? Not bodily this time, but through her ‘message’ perhaps, that His coming as Judge is imminent. To ‘give birth to the Judge’ would be consistent with a pronouncement by Mary that her Son was soon to emerge as Judge of all. And from what we have discovered, this is the meaning of the message at Fatima.

From all eternity God chose Mary to take part in a plan for our salvation. So at the dawn of history, He revealed that she would crush the head of the serpent when it struck her heel. Apocalypse 12 then reveals her as  ‘delivering’ Christ as Judge, signifying the coming of His power, at the very point when Satan makes his attack. This links with what is foretold in Matthew 24:30: ‘the sign of the son of man’, a miracle that indicates the fulfilment of Genesis 3:15.. in the victory of Christ through the Immaculate Heart of His Mother, as planned by God from all eternity.